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    December 10, 2012
    5:30 - 6:00am EST  

you're watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. how an off-duty police officer is doing this morning after getting hurt. making progress encouraging news this morning about talks on avoiding the fiscal cliff. compromise that is could keep us from going over the edge. and a treat for the class ends up with students and a professor going to the hospital. what police say was in the brownies that made every body:30 thanks for joining us i am megan prinkeling. charley is -- pringle charley crowson is off we want to apology normally we are on at 4:30 and the first ones to do it in baltimore but this morning we suffered major technical difficulties and apologize for that and hope it didn't inconvenience you in anyway. we are back on the air and happy to bring you news weather
and traffic so let's start off with weather because it's a big story this morning. in fact, kent county schools are on a 90 minute delay due to the fog this morning. what else is going on. >> we have drizzle out there. it's going to be dreary day. widespread fog across the area. and a dense fog advisory that is in effect until 9. you can see it for the areas here shaded in the gray color. this is our viewing area. and even once the fog advisory expires we will deal with fog across the area this morning. it is going to take a while for it to get out of here. let's talk about what's going on in terms of married's mother -- maryland's most powerful radar. we are looking at dry conditions but what you are not seeing is drizzle because those drops too small for the radar to detectbut as you step out and about, be prepared for drizzle across the area. and also we will have wet weather working its way in here as we go into the afternoon. temperature wise, you don't need the heavy coat because we are above average.
let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. fog is going to be the main concern. there's a lot of reduced visibility. so take it slow. be sure to turn on the low beams and we have a crash in howard county in columbia right on columbia pike along the southbound lanes of route 175. and as we check in and look at the other main lines, 95 clear of delays right now. so you won't have problems getting to bwi airport. but check with your airline before you go to the airport because it could very well be delays due to all of this terrible, terrible fog we are experiencing. 83, nice and clear right now. heading downtown and as we check in and look at the beltway shall this is what it looks like in parkville. notice the reduced visibility here at harford road. so again, be sure to turn on the low beams and take it slow because it's treacherous out there. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you. >> thanks news time 5:32. baltimore county police aresearching for the person who shot an off-duty police officer
that happened sunday morning in overlea. sherrie johnson is here with the latest on the case. what do we know so far. >> reporter: well, the baltimore county police officer was treated and released from shock trauma. he was not on duty when he was hurt. the shooting happened near the intersection of dale and kenwood avenues in overlea. police say he was driving after 3 sunday morning when he came across a big group blocking the road. now he stopped and asked some of the people to move out of the way so he could get through. then a man came out of the group and fired several shots into the officer's car. that officer was shot twice and officers say the shooting was random and the officer was not targeted. minutes before that shooting happened, there was a call to police from the same address about a fight in that area. county police are investigating this case and they have not released the name of the officer just yet or information about the suspect. but if you have any information about this shooting, call
county police at 410-307-2020. sherrie johnson abc2 news. a child is without a mother after she is shot and killed while boarding a bus in washington. police say that the child was also shot but is expected to survive. they say a man on the street shot the two while getting on the bus sunday night. the bus driver quickly drove off to avoid any further gunfire. police say it appears the woman was targeted. investigators are trying to identify a woman's body that was found in the woods near route 1 in howard county. a man walking along the road in laurel discovered it sunday afternoon. police believe the woman is in her 40s and was reported missing a few weeks ago by a friend. plans are in the work to build a hotel and this is happen the in mount vernon. that could become baltimore's priceyest hotel. mount -- priceyest hotel. they are proposing a 16 million dollar project called the ivy that would be at former inn at government house and the city operated the 3 building complex for more than 20 years before
closing it. plans to add a restaurant, bar guest rooms from 350 to $1500 a night. two students face charges for allegedly giving classmates and professor brownies that were laced with marijuana. police say that they brought in the baked goods to the history class at colorado university. seven students got sick and three people including the professor had to be hospitalized. a friend of the teacher said she had no idea why she was blacking out. >> one can only imagine had she been in the car or with her children in the car when this drug started to take effect what could have been the outcome and it's terrible irresponsible and reckless act. >> the looming legallation of marijuana have nothing to do with what happened in the classroom. they came by hundreds and
scooping up stuff. this is not a typical garage sale a garage sale at the home of the late bob hope. his family sold off holidaydecorations and old movies and books. those who came out spent 50 cents for a magazine to 20 bucks for a doll. the more valuable belongings will be up for auction next year at larger estate sale. hope died at the age of 100 years old in 2003. before we head to break, we want to let you know there are delays to tell you about. both queen annes county and kent county are on a 90ment delay due to the fog -- 9 0- minute delay and that's due to the fog. a lot of i dos over washington state. how they were able to tie the knot. and former astronaut and authormark kelly will be in town this week. we will tell you what he will do while he is here. ♪ we were skipping stones and letting go ♪
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i know. apparently, they based an entire movie off of it. try the all-new hobbit inspired menu, only at denny's. and see "the hobbit: an unexpected journey." news time 5:39. stories making headlines this morning. the man accused of pushing another man in front of a subway train in new york city is expected to be in court tomorrow. he is facing second degree murder charges and police say davis and the victim started arguing on the platform and
that's when davis allegedly pushed the man on to the tracks. dallas cowboys josh brent is out of jail this morning after he was arrested for a car crash that killed his teammate jerry brown junior. police say brent was speeding when his car hit the curb and flipped and caught on fire. he was arrested on suspicion of intoxication manslaughter. brown was a outsideline backer on the practice squad and he is 25 years old. couples crowded -- excuse me same sex couples crowded city hall in seattle to say i do. the state's newly passed law legalizing same sex marriage started midnight on sunday. last month, washington, maine and maryland became the first states to pass same sex mearnlg by popular vote. in maryland, same sex couples picked up licenses on thursday and it won't take effect until january 1st. news time right now 20 minutes away from 6. a big story today
turns out tonight weather and several excuse are -- schools are on delay because of the fog. >> we have a dense fog advisory until 9 but i wouldn't be surprised if it is extended going through time. we have reduced visibility this morning. we have less than a quarter of a mile of visibility in a lot of spots this morning. take it easy as you step out and about. you can see 2 1/2 miles of reduced adviceibility along the eastern shore this -- visibility along the eastern shore this morning. and it will continue through the school morning as well. kids heading off to school, we have delays out there. temperature wise, not a big problem. you can dress them in jacket. they don't need the heaviest coast and won't need it as they head out and about. back from school, temperatures are going to be quite mild coming in at 65 degrees. we have patchy driesel to talk about this morning as well. and then we will -- drizzle to talk about as well and then we will see more rain moving in to the west and east. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. before we get to the fog i want to give a shout out to larry in bel air who watches every morning so enjoy the coffee.
we appreciate you watching. we have problems in howard county. we have a crash right now along the southbound lanes of columbia pike that's at route 175. and two more accidents reported of deer struck at route 100 at 29 and also along the eastbound lanes of route 32 at route 175. no problems on 59 other than the fog. expect a lot of reduced visibility out there. and here's what 83 locks like up in hunt valley. you can't see the road here at shawan road. so turn on the low beams take it slow and be extra careful. now over to you megan. experts say there's no quick fix to resolving the financial crisis the country is facing. the latest on what's being done on capitol hill to prevent your taxes from going up on january 1st. plus, very caring students took to the basketball court. how the victims of hurricane sandy will benefit from this game.
thanks for joining on this monday morning. progress to report in washington on avoiding the year end fiscal cliff. the president met face-to-face at the white house with speaker john by aner and they didn't say anything -- boehner and they didn't say anything about it afterwards. >> reporter: president obama is back on the road today pedaling
the plan to avoid the fiscal cliff. in washington republicans and democrats remain far from a deal. but sunday, a small sign of hope. mr. obama and house speaker boehner meeting face-to-face for the first time in nearly a month. >> any time you got two guystangoing you have a chance to get it done rouse a source says i would be encouraged not greatly but a little becauserepublicans may be ready to compromise. >> there is a growing group of folks looking at this and realizes that we don't -- realizing we don't have a lot of cards. >> reporter: some gop law makers are open to raising revenue especially holding the top rate below 36.9% and they are moving closer to entitlements with democrat saying he is open to means testing for medicare. >> those us with higher income in retirement should pay more and that could be part of the solution. >> reporter: if they can't strike a deal by the end of the
year, spending cuts will go into he effect and every american will see a tax hike. >> it's going to be a lot of suffering among a lot of people who deserve otherwise. >> reporter: there's 22 days before the cliff but some lawmakers believe a deal is needed this week if the president and speaker boehner hope to win approval by the end of the year. abc news, washington. 5:47. five things to know as you head out on this monday morning. a judge in the case of army private bradley manning is considering a plea agreement. he is accused of leaking thousands of classified documents to wakey -- wikileaks. coplead guilty to 8 of the 22 charges and -- he could plead guilty to 8 of the 22 charges against him. the suspect in the coloradomovie theater shoot something speced to appear in court. his lawyer said he had to be rush to the hospital but didn't give any reasons why. holmes is facing dozens of charges including several counts of murder. the legal team for jerry
sandusky is going before a judge to ask for a new trial because they say they didn't have enough time to prepare for his trial in june. astronaut mark kelity husband of gabby giffords is in town today. he is speaking at an event in baltimore to benefit the snyder center. >> the perfect gift for the o's fan that goes on sale today. 5 pack includes a ticket to opening day and vouchers for four other games in the month of april and may. they go on sale beginning at 10:00 this morning. the outpouring of support for those who lost everything during sandy continues right here at home. the student government at loyola university put on a christmas basketball game sunday and teams were made up from each class and students acted as the coaches. many of the loyola students and alumni are from the areas hardest hit by the storm and
raised $900 for relief. and speaking of sandy, the rolling stones are the latest group to join the lineup for the concert that is going to be airing on 12-12-12. it's held at madison square garden on wednesday. proceeds are going to sandy relief funds and nearly 2 billion people worldwide will be able to watch or listen to that concert on television, radio or the internet. of the musician bruce springsteen alicia keys and kanya west. >> now over to lynette charles i know you've been busy because the fog is a by -- big story. >> we have widespread dense fog advisory. even if the advisory goes away the fog will stick around. satellite and radar picking up on cloudy conditions and rain back off toward the west. so also, with the fog, we do have the chance for showers to work their way in here as we go through the afternoon hours. so be prepared for that as
well. so, you're stepping out the door this morning, you can see the warmer air moving in. we are quite mild this morning. that will continue right into the afternoon as this warm front makes its way through the area. but, behind that, we will have a cold front that going to traverse the area tonight. we have a chance with the showers maybe to hear a rumble of thunder that's not out of the question whatsoever. on the backside high pressure will build in and much cooler air will move into the area. but temperatures still staying a little above average. i will show you that in a second. but temperatures this morning as you step out the door. they are warm. they are mild and 47 degrees right now in westminster. 44 catonsville. 49 in shadyside this morning. now future trend not picking up on a whole lot. clouds throughout the day and we might have a few breaks in the sunshine mainly to the south. but all in all, if we get more sunshine in here, we could hit 70s in some spots. so we are talking about a mild day on tap for us. a day that feels good, but doesn't look so good because we will be dreary and that patchy
fog will come back as we go into the afternoon and some areas. and it won't be as widespread but we will have it. now today, the temperature coming in at 65 degrees. we do have some showers possible. and we have the spotty showers still lingering as we go into tonight. that temperature at 45 degrees. by tomorrow, much cooler. 52 degrees but we should be at 47 degrees now for this time of the year. still coming in a little bob average. but the # dane forecast looks like this. as we go into wednesday a. little chillier. more seasonable but lots of sunshine as we go into thursday and friday with the temperatures right around 52. by sunday that's the next chance for some showers. let's check the abc2 timesavertraffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. fog is the main concern right now on the roads. there's reduced advice ability across the region so it's extremely important for you to take it slow. and turn on the low he beams so you can see more of the road and -- roads and less of the fog. we have a crash on 95 along the
northbound lanes at route 32. and another accident on route 32 along eastbound lanes at route 175. there is another crash on columbia pike at 175 and another accident involving a deer that has been struck on route 100 at columbia pike. so, definitely expect delays in the area. if you are traveling on 695 this is what it look like right now in pikesville at green spring avenue. foggy conditions out there. be extra careful definitely take it slow. megan over to you. it took him over an hour to get a messan to his significant other. one letter almost spoiled a holiday surprise for his special lady. details coming up.
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five minutes away from six a farmer returned a 200 acre field into a proposal message. that sounds cute right? not really because not everything went as planned. he thought he would ask his girlfriend to ask him use an empty field and he used a tractor to spell out message but the j in her name was backwards. unable to fix it he went up in plane with jody to take
pictures of the farm. >> that's when i put up the lens and through the eyelet i could see lauren in dirt because his name is spelled out and i went huh and pulled it down and sure enough there it was. >> he was ready and had the ring in his hand and she said yes even though her name was spelled with a backwards j. they plan to get married sometime next month. it's not like he spelled her name wrong or anything like that. we could use a little extra cash this time of year. no doubt about it. and scammers are fully aware of that. coming up, what you need to know before you reply to those preapproved loan e-mails that may start showing up in your inbox. aingeer in the wake of the suicide of a nurse who fell for a prank from djs. we will hear from the djs for the first time since the incident happened. >> and we have lots of clouds around this morning, widespread dense fog. i will tell you when it moves out coming up. >> reporter: fog is a huge problem and we have accidents in howard county. details coming up on good
morning maryland. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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